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about the S.A.S.B EvenTS

Support a Small Business was started by Siobhan Sinclair in the Summer of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic.
At this time there were many people losing their jobs, and developing their interests into businesses. Siobhan started thinking about how Independent businesses would survive, and transferred her skills in leadership, managing logistics and business planning to bring her local, and wider community of independent businesses together. 

What started as seven businesses trading in a small 'Garden Market', has turned into forty plus independent businesses showcasing their products and services in a variety of pop-up venues in the London, borough of Waltham Forest. 

Today you can find makers and creators from all over London coming together, not only to sell their products and services, but to also network with each other. 


You can expect to find high quality products available to purchase, as well as food, drink, and music to enjoy whilst you browse. 

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