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Ravenswood Collective Family Day

Ravenswood Collective Family Day

Traders Fee: £75 Non-food / £120 Hot Food

Early bird: £65 Non-food / £110 Hot Food

2 day discounts available!

We are offering up to 30 spaces for businesses to showcase and be a part of the market the Ravenswood Family Day.


Additional Information 

  • A gazebo is a requirement for this location. Please provide your gazebo measurements so we can reserve an appropriate pitch space for you.

  • Tables can be hired from the venue and are available in 2 sizes 50 x 200 and 70 x 200 ( Fee £5.00).

  • Vehicles are not permitted into the estate during trading hours. You may access for loading and off loading outside of trading hours.

  • You will be required to present your business license(s) and government documents for applicable products/services.

  • Rubbish must be taken away with you and CANNOT be disposed of in the estate bins.



    Before you complete your booking, have you received confirmation for any other dates you've request? You can secure your bookings for those dates too.

    * Please note equipment hire is ONLY applicable for Fellowship Square bookings at this time.

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